About Us

How TASC Works

The TASC model provides assessment, treatment or referral to treatment, case management, and monitoring and reporting services. The TASC model provides an integrated system of care in meeting the needs of the justice system, the treatment system and, most of all, the consumer. TASC programs work with courts (including drug and juvenile) and corrections to ensure treatment is available for community-based supervision and institutional aftercare. Participants receive an in-depth interview with qualified staff to determine the nature and extent of their involvement with alcohol and other drugs. Clients are referred to the most appropriate treatment provider based on the results of the assessment process. TASC case managers monitor the individual's progress, provide continued support, and coordinate the delivery of services, including drug testing. TASC keeps referral sources and service providers informed of the client's progress through regular reporting.

In brief, TASC
  • Monitors client progress in treatment
  • Advocates for efficient and effective substance abuse treatment resources in the community
  • Provides training and technical assistance in designing programs that intervene with substance-abusing offenders, including courts
  • Maintains a national presence in the Washington, DC area
In FY10, Lucas County TASC, Inc. received 1,865 referrals, performed 1,300 assessments, provided case management services to 827 clients, conducted 2,241 jail mental health screenings and screened 1,005 Ohio prison inmates for alcohol and other drug services. Lucas County TASC is an Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (ODADAS) and Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH) certified provider and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International).

Tasc Provides

  • Accurate Assessment
  • Professional Case Management
  • Close Monitoring
  • Timely Reporting
  • Skilled Advocacy