Justice Agency Partners

Lucas County Common Pleas Court

Adult Division
Referral sources from the adult division of Lucas County Common Pleas Court include the Pretrial/Presentance Department, Adult Probation Department, Work Release, Electronic Monitoring Unit, and the Correctional Treatment Facility. TASC provides on site assessment services at the Pretrial/Presentance offices. Referrals from these sources are generally referred for Adult TASC or Homeless Support Services.

Lucas County Common Pleas Court

Juvenile Division
Referrals from Juvenile Court are referred for services related to Juvenile Treatment Court Case Management, Change of Pace, Family Drug Court Case Management, or the Community Reentry Partnership Project.

Toledo Municipal Court

Referrals from Toledo Municipal Court are targeted for Adult TASC Services or assessment only services. TASC maintains an office on the second floor of the Toledo Municipal Court. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 1 PM.

Ohio Department of Youth Services

Toledo Region
Referrals from ODYS are referred for reentry services in association with Community Reentry Partnership Project.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Adult Parole Authority

Lima Region
Referrals from APA are for services related to the State Offender Stabilization Project, Homeless Support Project, or the North Toledo Citizen Circle.

Regional Municipal Courts

Regional Municipal Courts may refer clients for assessment services.

Toledo Police Department

and various other law enforcement entities
Referrals from all Northwestern Ohio Law Enforcement Agencies are received for Change of Pace services.